EGYPT--Brass Bar Continuous Casting Line
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EGYPT--Brass Bar Continuous Casting Line

Investment Returns

Easy operation and stable work

Use Scarp Material to  produce Brass Bar


Client Information

Location: EGYPT

Customer: EC

Main products: Brass Bar



The customer has a machining factory and wants to expand the product production line,

increase the valve forging production line, in order to save costs, and produce brass bar



Brass Bar and Brass Billet Horizontal continuous line

Product Size :φ6-60mm Brass Bar and φ60-150mm Brass Billet

Output: 12-13ton/24hour


The cooperation time of this order :2018,July 24th


Two 40HQ containers shipped to Egypt(2018,September 18th)


Send engineers Mr.Lee to Egypt to install and debug

Establishment of iron structure platform and equipment placement





Train workers how to build furnace




Train workers how to operate furnace

(Feeding material ,melting scarp,holding for casting ,Stop the furnace)



Successful Start Continuous Casting



Finish Casting Product 



Machine Installation ( Train workers how to operate )




Safety production lecture




The customer was extremely satisfied



The trust of customers is our biggest driving force




023 (8)_副本

023 (8)_副本

023 (8)

023 (8)

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